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ardour keyshorts

Sección: Aula ADOC

Creado: 23-01-22 (Actualizado: 19-02-22)

session keyshorts

key function
ctrl + shift + o open recents
ctrl + s save
ctrl + i import
ctrl + e import
alt + o properties

tracks keyshorts

key function
ctrl + shift + n add track
space start playing
shift + L plugins, channels and groups
` metronome
shift + b alternate record for selected track
shift + space record
shift + e show mixer for actual track
shift + l tracks and buses and more

editor modes

key function
g grab
r range
d draw
e edit
t timestretch
c cut
f maximize vertically selected tracks
z zoom
shift + z previous zoom
4 enable / disable snap
5 and 6 changes grid mode for snapping
alt disables temporarily snapping if it is enabled or viceversa

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